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Default Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake

Thanks again guys for staying with us.
(It's still shaking as I type this, which we sort of got used to

There are great amount of criticism and pessimism. From NY Times telling GE's design was too risky to CNN or French government emphasizing "danger" or "get out" message. As a matter of fact, 2 of my American friends left main island. When it's not your own country, I respect their decision for precautionally evacuation.

But I'd like the world to focus on the most important thing.
There are heroes formed from elite US Navy to nearly retired nuclear power worker (not Homer Simpson) fighting hard to save Japan.
Together, they saved 27,000 survivors and they are working even harder
saving the nation of this planet.

In the North where things are pretty bad, there are children lost their parents. Parents lost their children. Wives lost thier husbands. But they are still strong holding on each other when food is short, bed is cold, and news are bad.

They need help. We need heroes. Heroes need us.
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