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Default Fly fishing watercraft design


Currently I’m a 4th year Industrial Design student at Massey University in
Wellington, New Zealand. I am conducting my final year project, a research/design assignment into watercraft for fly fishing, possibly leaning more towards personal watercraft.

Personally I am only a beginner fly fisherman, and don’t have much experience, so as a starting point for my project I am trying to get a wide range of info on the topic, from you guys.

I have seen stickies on this forum referring to buying a float tube, which gives me a good insight into what people are looking for when they buy these types of craft, but I am also interested in the fisherman as well.

The craft I have looked into as initial research are:

- Float Tubes
- Pontoon boats
- Kayaks
- Inflatable rafts (kick rafts)
- Drift boats

Are there any I’ve missed? I would like to keep the focus on specialised craft, but if there are others, such as homemade adaptations to general watercraft, I would be keen to hear it.

Where do you take the craft? River? Sea? Lakes? Remote? Easy access? How far would you travel to get to a fishing spot?

Do you go fishing by yourself? In a group? (If so how many?)

What gear do you normally take with you? (Besides the rod, and the flies)

What gear do you wear? Vests? Waders? Fins? Etc.

I’d also like to know why you use these crafts? Different experience in fishing? Easier to get where you want to go?

Even if you don’t use watercraft, I’d still like to know why? All info helps my project.

Cheers for your input in advance,


EDIT: I have set up a survey now to make it easier to answer the questions i had set out above, there are only 8 questions, 5 of which are multi choice. So if you're keen to look at it and fill it out that'd help heaps too.

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