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Default Re: SA Mastery Textured GPX

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi Brewmaster,

What problems did you have with the Rio Grand? It is also a 1/2 over weight like the GPX. According to what problems you had with the Grand, you might not want the GPX wt.

Hi Frank,

The only problem I had with the Rio Grand was with the plastic portion of the fly line cracking and then actually breaking (first time I have ever had a fly line actually break while fighting a fish). I had several problems with the Rio Gold lines over the last couple of years with cracking & hinging, and when I talked to Rio (more than once) they admitted that they had been having some issues with their new (at that time) XS coating - it was causing the outer coating of the fly line to be too soft, thus allowing the fly line to cut or crack due to abrasion with rocks or gravel or even if you hit your line with your leader/tippet.

I had used the Rio Grand before with no problems, but when they added the XS coating, I had the same issue with the Rio Grand that I had with the Rio Gold. I want to switch because when it broke off I lost several feet of the WF portion of the Rio Grand line, significantly impacting the casting characteristics with the fast 4wt rod. I am sure they will get the problem resolved, however in the meanwhile I plan on switching the line on my primary 4wt rod to a SA GPX line - which I have also previously used on a 6wt and an 8wt with great results.

I just thought I would try out the newest Textured GPX line, and was wanting to see what anyone else had experienced before I dumped the $$ into a new line. If I skip the textured GPX, I will still get the original GPX.

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