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Default Re: miramichi River Report

Thanks guys, At the moment I have my guys changing there dates to the week of the 20th I hope the ice is gone by then too.

March 26th 2008
River Report for G.R.Colford & Sons Limited on the Main SW Miramichi River. What a winter it has been! With no sign of the river ice thawing except for a few shores? starting to rot out here in places on the Miramichi. With a little over 2 weeks before our season begins in New Brunswick. But at the moment if we do not get warmer weather we will be trying to find places to fish for that salmon along the shore lines. I've done that before! The river at the moment is about medium hieght and is ice covered.

So when the ice goes its looks like the full sinking line and big streamers will be the size to go with for your first few salmon. We should have very high water conditions with all the snow there is in the woods. Your golden eagles, mickey fins and smelts are a few flies to have ready. I use a 10 or a 12lb test leader and that gives you no problem.

Back in a couple days with the changes in the Miramichi Ice out conditions. This is Rodney Colford at GuideNB - Home .
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