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Default pike musky fly swap...

I read the rules and i know i technically dont qualify to run one, but i am hoping i can slide..

I want to run a swap on pike and musky stuff... being that these flies are large and take a bit in work i am thinking 7 guys.. looking for a april 20th due date.. I would like to get 3 or 4 guys to work surface and the rest to do sub surface.. that way everyone gets to cover the water column..

each person will make 6 flies of the one pattern they choose... for shipping its going to take boxes to ship... so if guys could include the priority mail box amount for return shipping $5.20 ... (I have the boxes).. or if there is a better way to ship i am all for it...

I will do deer hair something for my flies.. so if 2 or 3 others would like to work the surface stuff...

if i did not do any of this right please let me know... thanks...

message me on here or email...

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