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Default Re: Farmed salmon escape in Canada

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
Thanks Nerka for your perspective...

I saw a study comparing (as I recall) the sockeye runs on the Fraser and Skeena. Fraser fish escape to sea through the farms and the Skeena fish do not. The impact was significant, especially on smolts. What that tells me is that the damage may not be visible on returning fish, since the affected ones die young and don't make it home.

The pics of infested smolts are disgusting. Anyone who is curious can google "sea lice infestation" to see reports and pictures.

I dont disagree with that notion, it does make sense. The Fraser is a mess these days. In decline for decades and then this year they returned in record numbers. The mining companies pushing Pebble are touting this single return to the Fraser as evidence that the GIbraltor mine and all of the other industrial development along the Fraser havent hurt the fisheries.
Now a single occurence with the overall trend for the last few decades showing depleted stocks. Lets see it looks in 4-5 years. I would be curious as to how many of those that returned are three year and 5 year fish.

Either way, farmed salmon is bad all around. There is nothing about the process that is actually helpful to the wild salmon stocks that industrially touted to replace and be some sort of alternative.

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Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
mikel, although diferent waters, check out the recent national geo.
Had an article on farming fish in tierra del fuego.
I think the problem is the ever expanding human population.
If we licked that, farmed fish wouldn't be needed.
Nerka, i want to come see Bristal bay before they muck it up.
If the legislators let the mine happen, we'll know the "system" is clearly broken.
Provided you really need more proof.

Yes you is an amazing place. Often overlooked in the Alaska theme of things in many ways which is nice. It is still more or less wild. I know that I am blessed and spoiled to have easy access to that little piece of treasure. There might be a lot of gold and copper in the ground out there. But those minerals are available many other places. There is only one Bristol Bay.

If you are serious, let me know and I can answer in questions you might have. I am not affiliated with any lodge or outfit, but know a bunch.

This about 11pm. The Newhalen River drains Lake Clark into Lake Iliamna. Pebble is just over that mountain about 5 miles away. This river supports among the top 3 largest sockeye runs in the world. It is nothing short of amazing.
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Little 8footer checking me out.
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I posted this on another thread, some bear downriver at some point just missed this guy. The claw marks looked ever better when the fish came out of the smoker.
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