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Default throwing tailing loops like crazy

i have a guide booked this weekend so i have vowed to practice every day this week to get un-rusty and get the most out of the trip. i was practicing today and noticed i was throwing tailing loops over and over. ive been trying to concentrate on keeping my elbow in close to my body and not using as much wrist which is helping. it seems like the harder i double haul, the worse the cast is though. however, some of my casts are perfect, i just cant seem to repeat exactly what i did on that perfect cast the next time. any help or ideas of what could be wrong? ive had instructors tell me before that tailing loops are caused by too much power applied at the wrong time. am i not waiting long enough before i haul on the forward cast? im throwing an 8 wt loomis crosscurrent with #8 SA redfish line. wind was pretty stiff today but i was changing directions to practice with wind from all sides and stuff.
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