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Default Re: Stocked trout question ;)

I have to agree with everyone above. A 3X or 4X is great for a size 8 woolybugger.

I use 2X to 7X in flouro for sinking, and 2X to 7X mono for floating.

A couple years ago, I did a extensive test on line diameter and lure action. I would outfish my spin friends 10 to 1 just by using a thinner line. When you cast a 1/24oz Roostertail with 2lb mono, it sinks quick and shakes like a live minnow in the water. The same lure on 6lb or 8lb won't work the same way...... it looks like it is being pulled through the water. Huge difference IMHO! Plugs, even more, without a thin line the plug won't move!

Same thing with your #8 bugger. With a 6X it will pulsate and flutter when just sitting there, because of the thin line. You won't break the line, just use a good knot. I like a six turn Uni to connect the fly to the leader/tippet.

In small creeks, I have landed so many 10lb carp with my 2lb spin mono and with my 2lb 6X leader...... the fish will always break at the knot, so take a second longer and make a good knot.

Thin lines are much better. That's why the braids are so fish catchy with the spin guys..... super thin and no memory!

Most trout will be caught on a nymph or a tiny dry...... a thin, 6X makes the tiny fly look alive.

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