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Default Re: Line recommendations for small rods?

Thanks for the replies!

I have been fishin's them with DT for close to 20yrs now. A couple of my buddies thought I was nutz cutting the fly line in 1/2. My thought was why have all that line on the reel that I am never going to cast any way This way I always have a new line waiting for next season.

That's it, the original "1 ounce" This rod is sooo much fun. I was always curious waht a WF line would do on this rod(s) sometimes its a bit taxing trying to cast a weighted nymph and was not sure if a WF would help. I was curious about the Wulff Triangle since it roll cast so well.

I know, I am kinda kicking my self in the azz since I did not think of that when I ordered the XL 5/6 reel for my custum Z-Axis.

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