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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Hi Waldo,

Can't help with those two but have you Goggled them?

Welcome to the forum, where are you from & what do you fish for?

Google? Just kidding- searched Goog for three hours before giving up. Dr Brady was from Hickory, NC and I have no idea where Capt Weise was from.
The reason I am searching is because I came into some FFing things that were theirs. One of the fly cases was inscribed---" flies sent to orvis company for samples in fly tying, Dec,1965" This was from Dr. Brady who evidently was a master fly tier. From the flies in the collection I got--he was one of the best I've ever seen.

Yeah--25 years to retirement---what a plan I have! At 92, Ill be able to fish all day long---LOL
I mainly fish for LMB or Smallies with spinning or bait caster. For trout, I will go to Wilson's Creek, upper and lower. My wife and I will walk the upper part many times in the spring and summer-clear water, wary fish--- can't beat it. We live on Beech Mtn-so it's a very short trip and beautiful!

Brewmaster-- yeah, heard it many times before and I don't mind hearing it again.

thanks to all the welcomers
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