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Default Re: Let's Build a Rod Together

I am seeing many posts about how to get started. I have a few suggestions since I had nothing better to do today than try and put a buy list together. Being a newbie these sites helped me a bunch.
1) Go to the Hook and Hackle company website and on the left you will see a tab "About Rod Building". It has several small quick lessons that are very informative.

Rod Building Instructions

2) Go to J. Stockard Flyfishing website and check out the Rod Building tab. Start with a blank then at the bottom it will give you suggestions on items to go with the component. Once you start trying to put components together, if you read the descriptions for the compnents it kinda falls in place as they offer suggestions on what to purchase to match various items. They also offer a complete rod kit that takes pretty much all the guess work out of it.

JS Fly Fishing: Rod Building Supplies, Fly Tying Materials

3) Check out the 21 step by step videos on Youtube. The 1st is titled:

Building your first Fly Rod - Part 1

After you find it, watch it and the next section should load at the end. If not just change the 1 to 2 etc...21

Here is the 1st link.

That should keep you occupied for the next couple days. Then come back and ask questions.
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