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Default Hello from the Mother Lode country

As you can see by my log-in I am new to this sport. Using a fly rod I beat the water to a froth as a kid from time to time then discovered spin fishing. Being raised in and around Yosemite Nat'l Park we had a lot of good waters for several kinds of trout. The family would have been horrified if we had turned any of them loose however. (7 people under one roof during and right after the second world war) After leaving home I gravitated toward the oceans and spent 22yrs. as a delivery skipper moving other people's sailing craft world-wide, often filling in the time between jobs working as first a mate and later Captain on sport fishing vessels of many types in locations throughout the world. I'm now 65 and retired. Recently got in touch with an old friend who has a sailing charter business in Madagascar and I expect a 3-6 month trip to that island nation to commence sometime in the next 3-6 months. Studing the maps and charts it looks as if there may be the right bottom and other conditions for a new bonefish area to be explored. So, I have decided to take up fly fishing and to learn all I can about it and the Silver Bullets before I go. There is a cyclone season going on now and my time is my own so I can take my time.
Found a sporting goods outfit going out of biz the other day and scored two Cortland 200 D Magnum reels for $60.00 each and extra spools for each for $15.00 apiece, now searching for good deals on rods to take with me. Any tips or info R.E. learning or anything else you think may be helpful will be appreciated.
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