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Default learning to cast, progress report

Some of you may remember I bought my first fly rod (Sage Launch 5 wt.) and we've had some bad weather and i havent had much of a chance to practice. Went to my friends house today (he's fly fished since he was 10) and he has enough open lawn space for casting- spent awhile there and finally am policing my forward cast (i was going to far forward before) and my friend was impressed with my "loop management"- I'm getting it further out there but i have things to work on for sure- my tippett isn't folding out nicely every time (still getting a few "pileups") and I can tell watching my friend that once I get some of my technique issues down I'll need to learn to "pump" the line to load more energy- i'm planning on swinging by the fly shop where i bought my rig this coming weekend and seeing what pointers they can give me. Overall I'm really enjoying learning to cast and am excited for when I get it down. I got snagged up on a dandelion or something and man I can only imagine what a nice smally will feel like on my rod!
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