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Default Need help choosing a new 8/9/10 wt rod.

Howdy folks. The short version is, I'd like to try some surf casting during trips to the shore here in NC. If possible, I'd like to be able to use the same rig if I ever get to chase bonefish, permit etc ... somewhere exotic. It would also be used for bass etc... here at home.

I was originally looking at 8wt rods, but wasn't thinking about surf casting at the time and don't know if it would be enough or if I'd be better off with a 9 or 10 wt?

I haven't bought a fly rod in some time and there's a lot to choose from (maybe too much).

I'm looking for a decent rod in the $200 range and have specifically been looking at the Winston Passport, the Echo Ion and the Elkhorn Traveler or Nomad.

If anyone has an opinion on which of those they like best, I like to hear it. Of course, if you have a better suggestion, I'd like to hear that as well.

Thanks in advance.
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