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Default Re: Pyramid Lake advice

All good recomendations!
I've had good luck with the chartreuse Pyramid beetles and large Egg Sucking Leeches in black, purple and sometimes white. Fished deep, even dragging the bottom. Stripped medium fast usually works best. Vary with jerks if they need more inticement. If wading, bring a stripping basket if you have one. They like sparkle when it's overcast and plain when it's sunny.
There is no problem with it at the nets, but if you go exploring, watch out for the coarse corral looking stuff that will take your fly quicker than any fish. I forget what they call that stuff but it is hard on anthing it comes in contact with. There is a "lip" just off shore in many places with a sharp drop off into the deep water where the fish are. This means your dragging your fly over the lip at the end of the strip.

Most people fish the west side of the lake because the fish are bigger. But I have always caught more fish on the east side. From 18 to 20" fish I think is about average for me with some smaller ones thrown in, and an occasional bigger one. I fish the bays at and north of the pyramid when I go eastside.

For flies and info., you can check out Crosby's at the lake,

Since the Reno Fly Shop went bye bye, I think Crosby's and Scheels may be the best bet. Not sure if the Sportsman Warehouse or Cabela's has Pyramid specific stuff. May as well stop at Cabela's if you are coming in from Ca. on I-80 , since it's on the way.

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Just a little something from Crosby's website to get your blood flowing.
15+ pounder.

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