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Default Re: An Angler of the American Civil War


That one charge led to the deadliest charge in the history of warfare to date. Approximately 7,000 Union soldiers died in the first fifteen minutes. From what I have read, as well as stories I have heard since I was a little kid, plus what I studied at the Academy, I have got to believe it was beyond terrible. No man could have gone through that and survived unscathed, regardless of which side he was on.

It proved walking Infantry was no match for rapid fire rifles manned by trained men behind barricades and in trenches. The mentality of military leaders went from "line them up and shoot" to dig in. We saw that in WWI and to some degree in the years before WWII, i.e. the Maginot line. The Civil War changed all sorts of tactics and strategy. Communications changed with the telegraph and the locomotive. Carnage became greater and more wide spread with the advent of rifling in firearms and cannon, repeating rifles and pistols, brass cartrides, balloons and armoured ships. Most soldiers and sailors of the time were not mentally able to accept the slaughter they saw. War no longer became a fight amoung honorable men. It became truely terrible. Many came home mentally scarred for life.

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