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Default re: Invasive Species Discussion

Could be a good idea. Maryland DNR is not certain that it is carried through felt soles but sure enough to take steps to try to control the spread. Based on their expertise they have to try. Not a lot of anglers happy with it because of the additional costs to re- buy waders but what can you do? Hopefully it will turn out to be at least part of the solution. The river that is affected here, as I said in a previous post, is the lower Savage River, the tailwaters of the Savage River Dam. Alll browns and brookies are naturally reproducing and no stocking is done there. If the didymo covers all the bug life on the bottom of the river, then the fish have nothing to eat and it will become an empty river. I'm not an expert in these matters but if it will help stop the spread of this, then I'm in. (I did just order some new stockingfoot waders, used to have felt sole bood/wader combo. Now I have the lug sole with the cleats as well) Glad I still had some Christmas gift money left over!
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