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Default New to flyfishing, starting on the salt.

Hey all,

I joined up around here 2 years ago with every intent of starting some serious fly fishing. Unfortunately, my job and then a subsequent lack thereof seriously impinged on my ability to get out on the water. So, I wasn't able to really get any time or experience under my belt. Now, though, I'm back down in Florida (Gulf Coast) and getting some serious time to fish with my old man. I love the appeal of fly fishing (else I wouldn't be here), but I don't want to give up my salt water. Down here I know we can get speckled trout, redfish, bonefish, tarpon, and other species that are relatively abundant in the right time of year and water conditions. I am a total newbie to the sport, though, and I'm wondering if starting in salt water is wise. I'm willing to learn and to experiment, but I don't want to set myself up for failure. Has anyone put together a FAQ for saltwater beginners? I've seen some saltwater FAQs, but a lot of them use terms and references that I'm not familiar with as a FF newbie. Any help is appreciated.

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