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Default Some nymph fishing things

In the throes of terminal cabin fever I've been reading 20 year old fy fishing magazines and all my old books. Found something I hadn't noticed before
in the old books.

In Nymph Fish for Larger Trout Charles Brooks says that his least used method for nymphing is the straight upstream cast. Meantime two others,Joe Humphrey and Tom Rosenbauer, (Rosenbauer by way of Carl Coleman) are both upstream afficiandos. How many of you guys fish the nymph with the straight upstream cast> Brooks, of course, fished the big rivers out west, where Rosenbauer and Humphrey fish smaller eastern streams in the main. The upstream cast is very effective if you are working up the bubble line in and Eastern stream. I alos noted that these guys regarded nymph fishing as 90% presentation as long as your nymph's size and diameter was close to the naturals found in the water type.

I've fished the Brooks method in deep boulder studded runs where I've found them in East and it is very effective. I've never seen anyone else do it in the many years I've fished. Probably would see it more if I haunted the steelhead streams of the Great Lakes. Brooks uses HI-D to get down. Joe H uses straight monofilament for a line. Rosenbauer says he draws the line at mono except for steelhead.

Also Brroks uses another method I've never see anyone do. ever. With a HI-D line and weighted leader he sinlks a nymph straight to the bottom. With the rod tipp against the stream bottom he hand twists the nymph across the rocks. Ever see anyone do that? You can also strop a streamer that way.

Tight lines
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