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Default Re: Eleveen Mile Canyon, Colorado April 1st-5th whats the snow like?

Sorry to be confusing----it's not runoff, just that what little snow that keeps falling, melts away quickly. In fact, flows are pretty low in the Canyon (61.6 CFS) and at Spinney (75.8).

If you're coming all the way out here to fish, I'd hit the Arkansas River up right now---it's fishing awesome. From Canon City up river is really nice. There's BWO's hatching, making for some great nymphing and even some good dry fly fishing when the weather cooperates and there's caddis larvae in the water. I took some friends that are just starting out down there this weekend and one of them was into six fish in the first hour, including a very nice 15" brown.

A 9 ft. 5 wt (to help deal with the wind and make for some extra reach on some of the swifter sections) with a 10 ft. 5x leader, paired up with a Tungsten Golden Stone and a black sparkle wing RSII or black flashback JuJu Baetis dropped off the back will catch a lot subsurface and a #18 or #20 extended body BWO will do on top.

Either way, enjoy your trip!

Also, depending on where you're at in Kansas, have you considered Missouri or Arkansas? The weather is a little nicer right now (no wind!) and the fishing can be out of this world in places.
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