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Default Re: Buying Flies without breaking your wallet?

I just discovered Big Y Fly company. I highly recommend Hill's Discount Flies. Also have bought from Blue Fly Cafe and Percy's Flies. I still tie some flies but doing so has little to do with money and more to do with just being a hobby that relaxes me(and the satisfaction gained from catching a fish on a self tied fly). But I don't have the time to put into it and in reality it is expensive. The math or financials make a good case to buy from the discount fly sites when you consider you can buy 3 flies from any one of the sites mentioned above to one from Orvis or The Flyshop. And the flies are not bad. And in the end, I always say the fish don't know whether I'm holding an $800 rod or a $69 rod...they will both catch fish. For the most part the same goes with the flies......and I can say that the flies I've been buying work.
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