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Default Re: Some nymph fishing things

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
Back 20 plus years ago Rosenbauer wrote an article for Fly Fisherman about Carl Coleman and the Coleman march brown nymph that for what ever reason really hooked me.
I tied up some of the nymphs and practiced the up-stream technique.
It worked and I was able, probably for the first time, to catch fish on the straight up-stream presentation (we're talking no indicator here guys). I met Tom soon after that and we spoke about my success, further reinforcing my thoughts on the fly and method.

I'm a hi-stick guy most of the time, but that one magazine article taught me a lot about presentation and fly design that I haven't forgotten.
It think half the fly fishermen in NA read that article, seriously. I know Tom was amazed by the feedback he received. Tom also covered the upstream technique in Prospecting for Trout.
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