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Default Re: Let's do it again!! Build a fly rod, that is!!

Basic ... Phone book, coffee cup, cardboard box, scissors ... got that stuff hanging around the house?? You can build a fly rod!! If you find you really enjoy building? Do like the rest of us, and add as you go! Rod building can be as addictive as fly fishing ... or fly tying ...

Just keep in mind that the first rod you build is that ... your FIRST rod! It's amazing how neat it is to stand at the stream, and actually catch a fish on a rod you have built!

Cost ... gathered from two of the MANY suppliers ...

BASIC 9' 6/7 weight 4 piece build.
9'6/7 wt 4 pc blank Tiger Eye 38.00
chrome #8 tip top sz 4.0 .76
4 #2 chrome guides @.34 1.36
3 #3 chrome guides @.34 1.02
1 #4 chrome guide @.34 .34
1 #10 stripping guide (J.Stockard).59
1 #12 stripping guide (J.Stockard).59
7 1/2" single Wells cork grip 7.50 (inletted)
Densiwood walnut/chrome seat 9.26 (up or down locking)
thread (J.Stockard) 2.25
hook keeper (J.Stockard) .39
winding check (J.Stockard) .35
wrap finish (J.Stockard) 11.85
rod bond (J.Stockard) 13.55

total 87.81

Most serviceable, good looking rod.

A little fun for you and a little bling for the rod!

Same basic 9' 4 pc 6/7 wt Tiger Eye 38.00
Add TICH guides, same # only 2.95 ea 23.60
Add TICH tip top same size 4.10
Add Struble Agate stripping guide 32.00
Add second TICH stripping guide 7.25
Add standard measured winding check 6.95
Add ring and saddle hook tender 2.95
Add Struble cork 40.95
Add Struble up locking nickel-silver
burl madrone wood insert reel seat 51.44
Keep the finish 11.85
Keep the rod bond 13.55
keep basic thread 2.25
Add metallic thread for trim 2.75

Total : 237.64
Add hand rod wrapper 79.95
Add drying motor 89.95

Total : 407.54

And ... unless you know, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference looking at the finished product!

The main idea is to have fun!
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