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Default Re: throwing tailing loops like crazy

i finally got my tailing loops fixed so to speak. i started casting very straight handed and over head while practicing and i was doing pretty well. got down to the coast and my guide changed me all up lol. he got up on the platform with my rod and gave me some tips and let me watch him cast. he uses less forearm and much more wrist than i do, however he keeps the tip on a SLP. he also keeps his arm close to his body and casts more sidearm-ish than straight up over his head. yes, hes got about 20 more years of experience than me, but he was casting into my backing and it was impressive. i realized that this is how i always see ppl cast on tv/youtube when fly fishing in salt water. i tried it out and although it was a little different i liked that method a lot. i was able to handle the wind easier and cast farther all while throwing very few tailing loops.

seems as though you can basically do whatever you want in terms of wrist movement, as long as the tip travels in a SLP, and you won't have tailing loops? assuming your hauling at the right time and stuff also.
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