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Default Low power on roll cast

Hey everyone. I'm very new to fly casting, and have been practicing my roll cast. I'm finding three things happen often:

1) the loop unravels on top of the water. So as it curves to go flat, instead of being above the water it's flattening out on the water. The entire line is never all not touching water, if that makes sense. I think this is a combination of aiming too low or not having enough power?

2) the loop collapses before it's completely unfurled. So the end kinds of just nests and doesn't fully extend before losing steam.

3) the entire line doesn't even leave the water at all. The tippet will remain in the water when the loop reaches it and the whole thing kind of just craps out.

This last one I'm thinking either my d loop isn't large enough or my cast isn't powerful enough (or too much line is out for the power I can muster). When I really make my d loop large (having a lot of line on the cement behind me, at a standard casting pool) I seem to have the most technically correct casts with oval loops that unfurl completely before hitting the water. this feels like I'm cheating though, because on the water I won't be able to get such large d loops, or am I thinking of it wrong?

I know it might be hard to say without seeing, but does anyone have any advice? My roll cast is pretty aweful and I'd appreciate any and all help. Thanks!
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