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Default Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake

2 April, 3 weeks past the major quake.
28K dead or missing. Refugees are down to 170K excluding ones stack near Fukushima Plant.

We still get mild (sorry that's when you get used to it, for we had more than 800 small or medium quakes since 11th) tremors, and I just felt one whose source is randomly close to Tokyo. Those crevice and dislocation deep in earth are stimulated by the recent crash of crustal plate. Nothing major, but it's annoying.

Tokyo is absolutely sane, except bit of worries over Fukushima and the dark mood of country in crisis. We do what we can. And we can't let our local fly fishing community go out of business either, so my friend and I are going out tonight for sea bass fly fishing in Tokyo Bay

I learnt about the first American victim, Taylor Anderson (24).
It is very sad to hear that she was struck by tsunami on bicycle home after leading her students to safety. Ishinomaki was struck by tsunami several times after the quake and 2/3 of the city was destroyed.

Please save your prayer for her and her family.
Thank you for your country's great help to Japan.

Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club
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