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Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

My favorite rod is a 2 piece 8 wt. Sage rplx, but I think I would get in more fishing if I had more 4 pc. rods. I travel all over the country on business and would carry a rod with me more if I had a 4 pc. to fit the bill for the place I am going. I've carried on the 2 piece and 3 pc. rods, but with my briefcase and suitcase, it starts to be too much to deal with Right now I only have a 2 wt. 4 pc. and have not travelled anywhere yet where that would be appropriate. I work in several coastal communities and would probably take a 4 pc. 8wt. with me more often if I had one. I bet you can guess what my next rod purchase will be.
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