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Default Re: What do you consider a "caught" fish?

Originally Posted by gadfly_nj View Post
I was thinking about this question while out on the water yesterday. I realized (more than decided) that for me it kinda depends upon the fish. If the fish is of a size and species that I typically catch frequently, I don't care so much about bringing it to hand. I might be a little lazy in playing it, and if it gets off at my feet so much the better.

For trophy sized fish, which in my book starts around 18-20" for trout, I would need to net the fish. I suppose its because a fish of that size offers a real challenge, and if I couldn't bring him in, I lost. I would say that the same goes for new species. No way, I'm going to say I caught a grayling, for example, if I didn't take it off the hook.
Agree, that's pretty much how I feel about it.
Often times I would rather if it did get off at my feet (The little guys anyhow), just so I can get right back at it.

It is defiantly something I pondered last fall when I brought in a pig of a rainbow. My partner had it in the net not only once, but twice before he spit the hook and made for the depths. Of course my buddy was saying "consider it caught" but I on the other hand disagree.
Just being the thing was big (being modest) somewhere over 26+ inches and FAT (Hence flopping out of the boat net twice) , but the truth is we will never know just how big!
That's about as close to being caught as I could get without actually catching, but how I would have loved to feel the girth of that thing in my hands! (sigh)
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