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Default Re: Best way to more distance ?

Originally Posted by pegboy1 View Post
For a full year I've been obsessing with getting further and further distances on my casts. Picked up a SA "expert distance" 120' 5wt line for casting in the park yesterday. My question I better off carrying just enough line (roughly 45' to 50') past the tip looking for that sweat spot where the running line starts, or if I can get more out, am I better off getting as much line in the air (including running line) before I let my cast go? Or is it somewhere in between? Trying both and I'm not sure ultimately which will get me more distance.
Hope this makes sense.........
Ditto Jackster, randycaster, & all others....
Of course it does... Your guess is correct, maintaining an efficient loop, unless you have a big tailwind to hop onto, is the only way your efforts will be consistent. Graphite has a specific max loading point for each specific thickness, stiffness(modulus) and manner of wrapping around the yes, you wanna find the max length where the rod won't get overloaded = maxxed out, then do your 2x-haul. Drifting at the ends of the powerstroke can help gain a little more speed before hauling...but you have to avoid putting in slack...(duh).
**IME you'll have the best luck by cutting off a good deal of the running line and substituting with backing = making the #5 line into a pseudo shooting head. Much less weight at the back holding the heavier portion back less...than running line of the same heavier, original material... Make sure your knot is solid and the end is closed up to prevent any sink... Find that max-loading point in the line and make the cut that the end of the original line will be within the ferrules somewhere...(to be shot) no resistance from your line hand on down........ *Probably the West Coast and Alaskan guys/women can tie in a LOT more experience with more dynamic rigs from the flyline to back-section.
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