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Default Re: Beginner nymphing?

One thing I didn't realize that was sort of an "Aha!" moment last time I was out, was to have my indicator downstream of my nymph. I've only been out about ten times fishing with an indy, and this was the first time this really set in. Once I figured this out, I started hooking fish a lot more often, and strikes were more apparent. I don't remember ever being told to do that from the person that taught me, and all the times I've seen indicator diagrams, it just never sunk in.

Also, I recently read to just pull the slack out of the line to set the hook, pretty gently. I've missed plenty of fish from tensing up and setting the hook like I'm setting it against a largemouth, and I am eager to get out and try the gentler method and see if I can hook up more fish. I posted a thread from one of my last outings regarding my meager nibble-to-fish-hooked ratio.
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