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Default Re: Egg Yarns

I bought it at Sportsman's Warehouse. It was the store brand. Where the other brand I have is spun into a bout a 1/2 inch strand this is about an inch thick. So I separated it in half and pulled it through a drinking straw, pulled about 3/4 of an inch through and make my wraps at the end of the straw, then two up front, two in the back, then whip finish at the front and pull it all up and cut about 1/4 over the hook. I needed some new scissors so I ordered some Ice tempered Anvils from Bass Pro with a christmas gift card I had. I think a lot of my problem is the old scissors I have. Well we will see.

I did try using a few other yarn holder ideas I found on the net but he straw works the best for me. Another that worked ok was an old BIC stick pen with the innards pulled ou, but it seemed to hold the yarn a bit too tight.

I was thinking about getting some 3/16 aluminum tubing. I have a Regal Vise with the material holder spring at the top and it is hard to work around with the straw. I was thinking about a 4 inch tube with a bend in it to get around the holder but just havent tried it yet.

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