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Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
Your very welcome Jack , If you have not fished the park before, may I suggest "Slough Creek", been wanting to go in there for years, it just never seems to happen, so close yet so far away.
From what I hear, the further up you go the better it becomes, with less people obviously......

I have not fished in the park, minus the time we went to Yellowstone when I was a kid, I fished off of fisherman's bridge for about 10 minutes and some guy stopped and said the bridge was closed to fishing, so I beat feet hehe.

The trip was not planned as a fishing trip. I will be going with my wife and her folks. But I plan to get as much fishing in as I can. I should know more about what RV parks we will be staying in as we plan the trip out more. I am sure I will be researching and asking for advice a lot this early summer. The maps site you posted should be a great help.

Thanks again,

Yukon Jack
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