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Long time reader, first time poster...

This may belong under the tackle forum but figured some of you warmwater guys have probably ran into this before.

Basically my question is stemming from a book I read written by Tim Holschlag about "Smallmouth Fly Fishing". Here is a link to his website if you want to check it out: Smallmouth Angler, Bass, Fishing, Book

Anyway, in his book Tim recommends uplining your rods with 1-2 weight heavier line that what the rod is rated for. Tims states that this will help you turn over larger more bulky flies.

I thought that this was a great idea and made sense to me. I was also on board because I am new to the sport and only have a 6wt rod. I thought maybe if I uplined my 6wt rod w/ 7-8wt line I might be able to toss some big flies and not have to buy a new rod.

When I went to my local fly shop and told them my intentions they recommended that I not do this. They basically told me that Holschlag is off base in this aspect of the book and uplining my rod would decrease the performance of my rod and maybe even damage it. The shop told me I would not get as much distance with my casts, and my loop would suffer due to the line sagging below the rod tip because of it weight.

Now I am in a rock and a hard place. I am new to the sport and both explainations make sense to me. I know that Holschlag is well respected in Smallmouth circles, but I also would like to think I can trust my shop.

However, I am sure the shop would love to sell me a new 8wt for bass fishing, but if I can get buy on the 6wt for a season by buying a $60.00 line rather than a $300-$600 rod that is what I would rather do.

Any advice/guideance is appreciated. Thanks!
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