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Just to clarify my post a little bit..

I realize that purchasing a heavier weight rod is the best option.

Holschlag recommends uplining ANY rod for bass fishing, not just a 6wt. He would say that an 8wt rod would perform better and turn flies over better w/ 9wt or 10 wt line. I am not looking to throw 8wt sized flies w/ a 6wt rod. I am wanting to throw the biggest size flies I can throw using a 6wt rod.

I actually have been using the SA Bass Bug Taper to throw my bass flies, and there is absolutly no doubt that it performs better than a 6wt general purpose/trout line for throwing the bigger flies.

I guess what I am asking for is some more opinions on uplining. Not being expericenced I do do not know the specific trades-offs between uplining vs. keeping a balanced rig.

I do know that when I am throwing a large size Clouser or a weighted bugger with my 6wt Bass tapper my loop suffers and the line tends to sink where it does not with a lighter fly. If uplining my current rod can improve this that would be great, but would I be sacraficing?
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