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Originally Posted by Castaway View Post
I guess what I am asking for is some more opinions on uplining. Not being expericenced I do do not know the specific trades-offs between uplining vs. keeping a balanced rig.

I do know that when I am throwing a large size Clouser or a weighted bugger with my 6wt Bass tapper my loop suffers and the line tends to sink where it does not with a lighter fly. If uplining my current rod can improve this that would be great, but would I be sacraficing?
it depends on a lot of things that all interact with one another---your style of casting ---the wind resistance of the fly---the line that you choose---the rod (action and material) ---wind conditions ---and casting distance

ie: if your rod is made of glass or bamboo it will fatigue faster if overlined continuously---(graphite to a lesser degree)

if overlined once or twice or used at short distances---30 or 40 ft---it might be ok

from what you say about throwing a heavy clouser and getting tailing loops ---im not having a good feeling about your rod having the reserve power to overline it
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