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Default Re: EHC Tips and Tricks?

Its hard to do better than a Lafontaine sparkle pupa for an emerger, and an x-caddis for a dry fly. Look up the x-caddis - its tied with no hackle and a bit of antron or xelon off the back for a trailing shuck. A traditional EHK with hackle is great for faster, broken water where you need a better floating fly.

Also, if you are new to tying, you should try using caribou instead of deer or elk hair. It is very buoyant, and MUCH easier to work with.

Regarding the other types of hair you mentioned, it is important to note that not all hair is buoyant. Deer, Elk, and Caribou are all buoyant because they are hollow. Rabbit hair is not, and I suspect that dog is not.

Good luck!
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