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Default Re: Fishing with indicators

I'm not quite sure where you are having your problem. Are you looking for a better way to connect leader to fly line or tippet to leader?

For leader to fly line I have used the loop to loop a good bit, but have moved more towards a nail knot lately. My main reason for the loops was that I always had trouble tying a good nail knot while on the water and anytime I had to change my leader it was a **** shoot as to whether I could get a good knot tied. So I opted for the loop to loop. Lately, I have used a nail knot and in the relatively rare event of having to change out an entire leader I cut off all but about 6 inches of the old leader, tie a perfection loop in the end so that I have about 2 to 3 inches of the butt section of the leader attached to the fly line with a loop at the end. I then tie a perfection loop at the end of my new leader and attach the two. When I get somewhere were I can tie a better nail knot, I attach the leader to the fly line with a nail knot.

My preferred knot for tying tippet to leader is the surgeons knot. Quick and easy to tie and very strong.

I'm still learning to fish with indicators myself so I won't comment on that part of your post.
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