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Default LMFR Fishing Report by Terry Will

Hi, I'm Terry Will. I'm new to the art of Fly Fishing so I set out to try my hand at the Lower Mountain Fork River in Beaver Bend State Park just outside of Broken Bow, OK about 2+ hours from Longview, TX. I'm a member of East Texas Fly Fishers Club and wanted to share with everyone what a great time I had on Sunday Aug. 14, 2005.

I had much better luck this time around for a beginner. I start at the Spillway at dawn (6:30ish) using my trusted
Elk Hair Caddis fly and caught one after about 6 casts. You could see fish everywhere at the spillway and I have learned that presentation is everything. Especially, when you see fish and fish see you. I'm still working on the presentation thing and I'm getting a little better as time goes by. I found a pool of still water at the spillway with a load of brownies. So, I decided to use something small that sits in still water and came up with the Griffith's Gnat. I caught about four fish with it in that pool. As it warmed up I switched to the Elk Hair Caddis again and caught about 3 more browns and my last one was a beautiful rainbow.

At Eleven I visited Three Rivers Fly Shop and had a chance to talk to Jesse & Linda King. Jesse suggested that I go down to Zone 2 on the Old Park dam and fish a while. I only had about a half hour fishing there before generation with no luck.

I ask Jesse about the Evening Hole Project and what the ODWC plan was for it (see link ). So I visited the Evening Hole (Zone I) to see what a pretty place it is (see previous link). Jesse mentioned that a Mayfly hatch occurs there in the evening there goes the name Evening Hole. I still didn't have any luck here as well but I had a great time none the less.

I traveled back to the spillway one last time and caught one more brown on the Caddis. All in all I had a great time and was blessed with a beautiful day of trout fishing. I learned a lot and learned that there is a lot to learn. I look forward to it.
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