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Default Re: Tying on an indicator

I recently tried a dry-dropper rig, tying the tippet to leader with a double surgeon's knot and leaving a long enough tag end to tie a big bushy dry onto that knot, with a nymph at the very end of the tippet. I didn't get any hits on the dry fly, but it worked so well as an indicator to convince me that I need to do a rig like that more often for nymphing. However, when I changed to a streamer rig, I'd cut off the dry fly and shorten that original tag end. So I was thinking, either I tie on a new tippet each time I switch to a nymph rig, or I figure out how to tie an indicator on a bight, maybe...
The other flies, n., pl.
1. dry flies, nymphs, emergers, terrestrials, streamers, etc.
2. What I use when a black #10 woolly bugger isn't catching.
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