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Default Re: are float tubes worth it??

Well thanks guys, those comments are pretty much what I expected, but the float tube ads seemed to good too be true. For the heavy fish and/or big water I have a 1974 Silverline Antigua 18T with 188Hp mercruiser it is a big wide deep boat, set up for trolling and going deep with a down rigger. Then I have a 10 ft. portaboat - one of the old originals, unlike the new ones , this one was made in Canada, it is also probably a collectors item but it floats without leaks and a lot more stable than a canoe, plus I can put a small motor on it.
I am beginning to get the knack of tying flies, they are beginning to look like flies but a terrible time getting hackles on right. I would love to watch someone tie for a while and learn some tricks. Keeping wings straight is another problem.
A fly fishing plus! = NO BACKLASHES!!!!!
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