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Default Other Wader Options with size 12 foot in Large

Thanks for all your feedback. I never thought choosing waders would be such a difficult decision. I'll probably get something this week.

Anyway, here is an update:

I called my local flyshop on Friday (sells Orvis, Simms, and Patagonia). They said even though the Patagonias are labeled 9-11 in large that they should accomodate a size 12 foot. Evidently these are on sale at Ramsey Outdoor and I might check them out since I will be in NJ later today.

I also stumbled across a GQS wader at LLBean that retails for $249 and is available with a size 12 foot in large. I actually called LLBean last night and the guy was very helpful. He said it was probably the best wader they made, but wasn't as nice as the Simms (I expected this for the $150 price difference). Does anyone have any experience with this wader?

I will also be looking at Dan Baileys.
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