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Default Re: Waders Poll

G) Wet Wading with Wading Boot

and sometimes

B) Breathable Chest Waders

This is a tough one to answer by choosing just one.

Ya'll already know how I feel about this topic...

It really depends upon several factors such as the temperature of the outdoors, the water, how deep you'll be wading, your tolerance to cold, etc...

I rarely ever use waders. I wet wade whenever I can… and that is most of the time. I fish a lot of small mountain streams June-August in Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, etc... The outdoor temp, during the day, is usually not too low. So, I will wade in shorts and boots. The cool stream water feels great to me... and we're talking about some cold water coming off of the mountains. Its a little cold at first but your legs acclimate to it in just a few brief minutes. The only real reason you need waders is if the outdoor temp is low, so that when you get out of the water you don't freeze your buns off. So, in the winter, I will certainly use a high quality breathable wader.

Now... the water depth has a little to do with it also. I can wet wade in cold water calf deep all day long... but the same temp in thigh deep water may be too much to bare over the long haul.

Overall, waders are just a big bulky hassle that I'd rather live without. The ultimate decision is yours. I would recommend going wet at first. If you don't like it... invest in a pair of breathable waders. Be sure to go breathable. Neoprene waders are too heavy, too hot, and will make you sweat even in the dead of winter.

Now... I do recommend a good wadingshoe for wet wading. For this type of application, I use a lightweight hiking/wading shoe with felt soles. Mine are the Chota Brookie II Hiking/Wading Boot. These are very lightweight and offer good ankle support. They have a hiking rubber sole with two patches of felt on each. These are the ideal wet wading shoes. Take a look at

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