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Originally Posted by kglissmeyer1 View Post
A good tactic I learned early in my fly fishing experience is to "give them the rod tip" whenever they jump - just drop the rod tip and stretch your arm towards the fish. This feeds just enough slack into the line that when the fish re-enters the water it's not as big a jolt to leader and tippet. Not sure there is science behind it, but I've gotten in the habit of it and rarely lose fish when they jump.


This has been my tactic as well. My thought too, is that when the fish shakes his head, while in the air, trying to lose the hook, the slack in the line prevents him from tearing the hook from his lip. I have seen that the amount of current in the river or tention of the water on the line in a lake acting on the line will create enough tention on the line to pull the hook out of his mouth if he throws his head really hard against it. Even if you give him some slack. A good hook set is important to keep that from happening also.

I feel your pain! What a let down to hook and fight a nice fish and get a good look at him flying through the air, only to see the fly come out of his mouth in mid air and your line go limp. Along with your spirits.
Many Kokanee have broken my heart in such a way in the past, like a treacherous woman.
It's still a thrill to witness and experience! It's just part of the game we play and keeps us coming back for more...........
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