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Default Re: Scott A2 and St. Croix Avid and legend Ultra info ?

My first rod (just last year) was a discontinued St Croix Imperial 9 ft 4wt. I had won a Rio Line and a Redinton Reel at an auction and then i got the rod for under 100.00. At any rate- I really like it, though i don't have anything to compare it to. Next i got an old St Croix fiberglass on ebay (an early to mid sixties) 7 ft 8--wich turns out to be about a 7wt (old line designations). And, finally, I just got an AVID 9ft 6 wt (4 piece) also under 100.00. I am learning to cast with the graphite St Croixs-though the fiberglass ( much slower action) is more of a challenge- but I am enjoying figuring it out. I live in Wisconsin and have appreciated the quality of St Croix gear for a long time---and it is built here. So there is a home-boy bias. None-the -less, I sense they will do me fine until I am good enough to appreciate the difference in something else. I do believe they have reduced my learning curve- and are forgiving of my mistakes, and the company has a good rep for customer service.
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