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Default Re: Let's Talk About Knives.....................

I have used a Lansky 3 stone sharpener for years to establish a good angle that is the same on both sides. It makes my blades shave the hair off my arm. For touch ups in between a major sharpening and in the field, I use an EZE-Lap, 'Model-M' with brass handle or 'B' with aluminum handle.
I carry a Gerber 'diamond hone' in my vest. It's about the same as the EZE-Lap only smaller and lighter, has a hook sharpening groove and a flat on one side.

The Lansky kit has optional special stones to sharpen serrated blades but the angles on the stone guide never seem to match that of the serrations. So I use them free hand. A better option may be the EZE-Lap 'EasyFold 571', made just for the job.

Model M
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Gerber Diamond Hone
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EasyFold 571
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