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Default Re: Let's Talk About Knives.....................

I feel your pain Ard! Last year my EZE-Lap, Leatherman Wave and Leatherman Juice tools got stolen. I was pretty bent out of shape. That's the second S2 Juice tool that has been stolen from me. I'm sick of buying them.
I haven't replaced the Wave yet either. It had a special padded nylon case with a Mini Maglite on the side of it. Yeah, he got that too. I have a couple of Leatherman Pulse tools and a Juice Kf4, so I'm not exactly going without. I sure do like those S2 tools though.
I did go get another EZ-Lap a while back though. I think the price on it was about the same as 20yrs ago when I bought the first one. They don't make the sheath for them out of leather anymore. You can see it in the picture. I don't know what it is, but it's hard as nails and stiff as a board. I like the leather better. Even if it did turn the brass handle green.
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