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Default Re: Casting weighted streamers

Thanks for clarifying Mojo. It seems, even in a simple thread as this, there are many ways to skin a cat. I was trying to follow your logic, but didn't quite understand.

Even in this simple context, there are folks discussing, tight loops and open loops, they all seem to be finding the results they want, for their conditions. I'm always open to a new method to experiment with. I see what your saying for distance, could make sense either way, so I was just curious.

Being not far removed from a 20' streamer cast, I can remember my cheats and fails quite clearly. Sometimes, the conflicting info from the veterans can be quite confusing for us newbies. I don't mean to give bad expert advice, as I realize slapping a streamer all over the water is pretty sloppy. But, as a fly chucker with limited skills, it was a stage that got me in the feeding zone faster, and catching more fish, without serious impalements, or excessive casting knots. Then again, I tried to preface as being no expert. I just was excited, because it seems to me that targeting those, big, aggressive, territorial fish can be really FUN!!!! And streamers can really **** 'em off.

Next point, for weighted streamer distance, after finally getting comfortable in intermediate casting skills, do you recommend back casting low and flat like you explained with weighty rigs? Would I forward cast stopping short and rod tip up near vertical, to loop that very openly, and lob it for more distance?

What did you think of the article, Rip suggested, I am still trying to digest it from words to water.

Thanks all

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