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Default problem with new sage rod

ok, first off, i am not only a new member, but i am new to fly fishing. After teaching myself how to flyfish on a post-college roadtrip to california this summer i decided to get serious and buy some real gear. I selected for my first rod a Sage FLI 9' #6 rod. but i had to wait a week for my local shop to order it. so the big day comes i get the new rod and take it home. the next morning i take it out to look it over good and i find the the second ferrule (sp?) down from the tip has a crack in the glue. the ferrule has come away a little bit and had a semi-sharp edge. i worry this is a defect and can also ruin my expensive new floating line. so i immediatly email sage and send some pics and they tell me to return it to my fly shop and they would immediatly send me a replacement free of charge, of course. so i get the new rod, and myself and the dealer look the rod over from tip to toe right out of the case. we both carefully inspect the ferrule glue for any cracking or issues like the last one had. nothing, totally perfect, and everything is all good. so the next weekend we have a fly-club outing and its my first chance to try my new rod. I caught two tiny and i mean tiny perch, maybe 3-5 ounces each. thats it. so the other day i get my new rod out for the second time, showing it to a friend of mine and low and behold, i have a crack in the ferrule glue on the second one down from the tip, again, its pulled away from the rod slightly and is semi-sharp. So whats up? is this normal? its a fast action rod so maybe that's to be expected, you know, maybe the glue is a little bit more brittle and cant handle all of the defleciton in the rod at the tip? if this is normal than cool, i wont worry about it. but if not what can i expect? ruined floating line, bad ferrule, possibly a weak spot in the rod? and the reason i mentioned the two perch is because i figure if i caught a fish of significant size and held my rod striaght up i could have caused it, but to my knowledge i didnt, and those were tiny baby fish. if anyone has any ideas on stuff i could have done wrong please let me know. but come-on, this is my first real rod, i am babying the thing. i guess i should mention that other than this potentialy rod/line ruining annoyance, i absolutly love the feel and action of this rod. and i would love to get 3-4 more fli's if this whole thing is a none issue. thanks for the help fellas!
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