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Default Re: Small stream suggestions??

Larry when I have some time I will post a recipe and pics. Keep an eye out. I have them in black, purple, chart., barred green with pink eggs. Mine are different than the more traditional versions. I use a bit more flash, as much lead I can wrap on the shank as possible and generally running it in a size 2, but a few size 4s and 1s. I also tie in an upside down bunny strip tail that I glue into the traditional right side up tail. I think I should just start a thread on the subject rather than hijacking this thread.
I think the tradition is continuing to what McAfees was. It is still a good local fly shop. I dont know how long it has been since you have been back to Anchorage, or AK in general since then, but things have changed. When I moved back after 10 years of only visiting the southcentral region of AK, it has blown up. Fairbanks has also grown much since those days. The biggest changes have been in the Valley. Wasilla would be unrecognizable.
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