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Default Re: Water Temps. East

I think (if I remember right) most trout like that sub 60 degree range most in that 58-50 degree range. Any warmer then that, it can put the fish way off. Now remember browns like a bit warmer then while brooks like a bit cooler. Now as far as your temp, many things can go into factors for it. Way too many to get into here. But I can tell ya that water make up, bottom, and depth can make all the differance. This weekend I was able to get out on my boat with my father. We were on a small reservoir with some low water. The main lake was 44 degres and as we went up stream into what is now the old channel the water got dirty and shallow, we did hit 55 degrees. Crazy how just the dirty shallow water can warm so much faster then the rest. Thing is, with water that warm the pike and eyes in the lake could have already spawned and the perch just going into it. That makes things great since we had a very late spring up here, the ice didnt go off till last week. Now with trout you should watch things such as water flow and where/how the fish are holding. The fish might be a bit slugish and something like a nice mayfly/stone fly nymph fished low in the water might be something worth trying. Then again the fish could already be willing to surface after dry flys.
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